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This weeks blog: The Fourth of July Celebration
by special guest Jeannie Smith, Executive Consultant Ambit Energy
July 3, 2014

I would like to thank all the veterans that have served, and those that are serving, for their commitment to our freedom and for the sacrifices they have made. This week’s blog comes from the daughter of a soldier who served as a Marine. Jeannie Smith, an incredible, strong, and successful woman and friend, reminds us of how important the 4th of July is to all of us.

The Fourth of July Celebration

As the 4th of July approaches this week, we see preparations for picnics, parades, and local municipal celebrations. The aisles in the stores are filled with hotdogs and buns, watermelon, and ice cream, together with red, white, and blue napkins and plates. People across the U.S. are planning what they will do with their day off and where they will be at dusk when the fireworks displays begin, sometimes accompanied by patriotic music and flag waving.

 As I was thinking about this holiday recently, I was reminded what exactly all of the fuss is about. Recently, my Father who is a twice decorated Marine Veteran who served in both World War II and Korea, wrote an article for his First Division Marine Corps magazine. It was entitled “The Longest Day.” It recounted one particular day in Korea where the front line battle he was engaged in was intense and on 2 separate occasions, a bullet grazed his body in a 24 hour time period. His company prevailed and they went on to see another day of battle. I can’t even imagine the courage it took for these brave soldiers to fight for a cause we call Liberty. My Father’s tour of duty ended when he stepped on a landmine in Korea and his ticket home was an airlift by helicopter out of the battle zone. Although he lost a leg, he survived and has lived an unbelievable life. My Dad has been my hero and my mentor in business and in life. He never viewed his incident with bitterness and his prosthetic was never a burden, just a bump in the road. Dad taught me about perseverance and reward. To this day, my 87 year old Father and my Mother volunteer for the Marine Corps Detachment and the local VA hospital. Their servant attitude is to be admired and emulated.

The holiday we celebrate this week is called Independence Day. I tell you all of this so you can be reminded about what true Independence is. All of us live in a free world and we are able to choose. In my mind, we have chosen Ambit Energy to be our vehicle for an Independent life. Financial independence, time independence, JOB mentality independence, whatever your reason for working hard to achieve your goals, Ambit is your lifeline. This brings to mind a question. If you were in a hand to hand combat situation, you would fight for your life, right? So what are we waiting for? Jump into battle with both feet and go after your own independence. You might have some battle scars in the end, but I guarantee they won’t be as painful as a day in Korea. When we put into perspective what our lives are really worth and how we can enrich them with such a simple effort, the outcome and destiny are definitely worth the effort and the fight. The reward far outweighs the risk. I encourage you to sit down, look at your life, your goals, and what your own “Independence Day” will look like. Plan your attack!

Thank you for asking me to write at this particular time. If you see someone in service this week or a veteran, thank them for your freedom. “Thank You”, it’s only two simple words, but they mean so much. Enjoy your Independence Day, Fly your American Flag proudly, and Thank God for your blessings!

If you would like to see my Father, Richard Sopp, talk about one of his days in service, he is part of the Missouri Veteran’s Stories and his story can be viewed by clicking here.

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