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The Ambit-ious Women Conference is about women celebrating what makes us unique and special in our Ambit business. AWC offers training, speaking, coaching, encouragement, networking and MORE!

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AWC 2015 Recap

AWC 2015 Featured Speakers

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 DeDe Murcer Moffett,
AWC 2015 Keynote Speaker

DeDe, aka “The Snap Out of It Woman,” is an enthusiastic larger-than-life speaker and trainer who grabs the hearts and minds of audiences through powerful content and high-energy Broadway-style entertainment. DeDe shares stories about the mental and physical steps it takes to break through to success and perform at peak levels!

Her talks move audiences to action as each person learns to work more effectively under pressure, make tough decisions, take risks, and overcome the fear of failure so they can accomplish the kinds of initiatives that make them a leader in today’s competitive global environment. You will love her style.

 Jane Beard, Invisible Light
Speak More, Fear Less

Jane is a former actress who helps name-brand actors and musicians, business leaders, and every-day people dissolve their fear of performing in public or speaking in public. She shows you how to face a crowd and make the impact you want to make. She recovered from crippling stage fright herself years ago and now speaks around the globe empowering others to do the same.

Tammy Stanley

Tammy Stanley, Sales Refinery

Tammy Stanley built a million dollar direct sales organization in 2 years, while raising 4 children. Popular for her self-revealing style and her captivating story telling, Tammy believes that women require more than motivation; they need the necessary tools to stop unproductive behaviors. Tammy will show you the key to being unstoppable in your Ambit business! She will be speaking at her 5th Ambit-ious Women Conference.


debbie saviano

Debbie Saviano, Social Media Strategist

Debbie provides an interactive, powerfully positive, and practical approach to understanding how to incorporate social media into the business cycle. She has an action oriented, step-by-step, presentation on how to build relationships through social media. She empowered her students at last year’s conference and will continue with Part II to help you have tangible things to use in the social media aspect of your Ambit Business.


Amy Applebaum

Amy Applebaum, Partner & Leader of AWSC, Business Coach, Co-CEO BluePen

Amy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world break through barriers inhibiting their success. She has built and helped many others build 7-figure businesses. She is the author of Frustrated to Fabulous in Six Simple Steps which has sold thousands of copies. She has been featured on ABC, CNN, TLC, Martha Stewart Radio and more. She partnered with Esther Spina to create the “Ambitious Women Success & Mentoring Club” for the women of Ambit Energy. She is a busy woman!

Ambit-ious Women Conference 2015 Charity

Rescue Her is a non-profit charity that exists to fight human trafficking. We take a stand against injustice, are a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, and help rescue those that are held captive. We raise awareness about human trafficking, fight for justice, and are a place that allows those that want to take action to do so.

Why? Because every 30 seconds another child is trafficked. We CANNOT stand idly by. We are ordinary people banding together to see something extraordinary happen.

Our purpose can be summarized in Proverbs 31:9; “Speak out for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice”, and our vision is to Raise Awareness, Raise Funds, Rescue and Restore. We fight the injustice of human trafficking, especially that of young girls, both in the US and abroad. We do this through prevention, intervention and aftercare initiatives.
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Check out these photos and videos from AWC 2015 & AWC 2014!

Southwest Session

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Northeast Session

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