Best Business for Women? Network Marketing with Esther Spina!

What’s the best business for women? Let me describe my business, the one that puts me in the top income earners bracket in the USA every year, and see if it’s something that might appeal to you:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Offer something everyone uses
  • No products to demonstrate
  • No inventories to maintain
  • No deliveries to make
  • Recession-proof
  • Nothing to ship
  • Never a returned item
  • No money to collect
  • Wide-open market
  • Incredible tax benefits
  • Work from home or office
  • Puts women first

Want to know more? What woman wouldn’t!

I have a passion for helping women succeed in business. Sure, I make a great living, but the income happens because I’m in a business that enables me to do what I love to do every day. A huge part of that is helping other women learn how to be successful in the best business for women.

But it wasn’t always this way. Far from it.

Working Women in a Man’s World

I started work at 18 in a sales job for a well-know company at a time when practically no women were in sales. Men only; it was no business for women back then.

Then I spent a number of years in a construction business my husband and I started – another male-dominated environment in which I had to work extra hard just to get respect of people we did business with.

And that’s what I did. I worked harder than anybody. I leaned how to run a business, how to solve problems for customers. And I learned that in many ways women are SUPERIOR to men in business!

So why do women often struggle in the corporate world? First, gender bias is built into our culture. That’s old-fashioned as can be, but it’s true.

For another thing, women often have more responsibilities outside the workplace than most men do. If you are a married career woman or a single working mom, you know what I’m talking about – children to raise, meals to cook, housework to do – the list is endless. Most working women have two full-time jobs.

Surely, I thought, there must be a business for women, one that capitalizes on our unique nurturing and communications skills. I never dreamed that my own son would introduce me to such an opportunity, or that I would be so resistant to it the first time he brought it up.

You Want Me To Do What?

In July 2006 when my then-25 year old son, David, walked in my office and asked me to look at a business opportunity with an energy company I looked up from my desk and immediately said, “No way. Are you kidding me? Look how busy I am. I don’t need anything else. I make good money right here!”

The company was Ambit Energy, a recently formed energy marketing company. They used network marketing to sell “deregulated” energy at what they claimed were lower rates than offered by traditional providers. David hadn’t committed to Ambit yet. He asked for my opinion because he respected my business judgment.

I told him it sounded like a scam; a pyramid scheme. I was totally opposed to network marketing, where you have to hustle your friends and relatives to make a few bucks, only to see the whole thing come crumbling down on you and them in a few months.

This Can’t Be Real

Why would my son, with a finance degree and a good job in a big firm, be so interested in this kind of business? 

Besides being financially astute, David also was extremely persistent. He asked me every day for two straight weeks to “just take a look” at the Ambit business opportunity.

Finally, I gave in, mostly because I wanted to be able to prove to him how right I was about network marketing. I told him the business plan wouldn’t mean a thing if the product couldn’t withstand scrutiny, so I went with him to Ambit Energy headquarters in Dallas with my current electric bill in hand.

I was confident whatever savings Ambit might be able to show me on paper wouldn’t be worth the hassle involved in switching service providers. But I was wrong.

New Shoes Every Month!

We were met by Ambit Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder Chris Chambless (it really was a small company then!) who quickly calculated potential savings of $60 per month, based on my own utility bill. Okay, Maybe I’ll be a customer. That could almost buy a new pair of shoes every month! This might be a great business for women.

Now that Chris had my attention I decided it wouldn’t kill me to sit through his 45-minute white board presentation about the Ambit Energy business opportunity. Come on, bring it! Let’s see what David has been talking about. Tell me about this great network marketing.

I sat through the 45 minute white board presentation, still skeptical. I didn’t pay much attention until he got to the part about passive residual income. That’s when I sat up straight in my chair.

A Real No-Brainer

With Ambit, passive residual income is the money you can make every single month when people pay their energy bills. In other words, I could make money from the simple act of someone paying a bill they had to pay every month anyway – and I would be saving them money in the process! Hey, this really could be a good business for women – and men!

It was a no-brainer; the perfect product for a sales person, or anyone for that matter. Actually, it wasn’t a product at all, but a service, delivering commodities that everyone uses practically without thinking about it – electricity and natural gas.

The possibilities began to fly through my brain at warp speed. This was the perfect network marketing business! I could link my income to a commodity, something habitually used and unconsciously purchased.

No products to buy up front. Nothing to store in the garage. No bothersome deliveries. No collecting money from customers (Ambit does that).

Better still, there was no need to play “find the money” so the customer could justify the purchase; my service wouldn’t be costing them extra money, it would be saving money for them!

On top of that, Ambit would provide a powerful website that customers can use to sign up and that I can use to manage my business. This is a great business for women!

Now I Get It!

Until that day at Ambit Energy headquarters I didn’t understand how deregulated energy worked. I thought I would lose service in the switch-over. I didn’t realize all that would happen is I would get my energy bill from a different company and it would cost me less.

After that meeting I asked David immediately, “Are you signing up? If not, I’m going to do it anyway!” David signed up then, and I signed up as the first person he recruited to his Ambit Energy network marketing business.

That was August 7, 2006, and I have never looked back. There has never been a day I have not worked in my Ambit business since then, although it’s not completely accurate to call it work because I truly enjoy everything about it.

What Makes Ambit the Best Business for Women?

Now, the whole Spina family is part of the growing Ambit Energy family – including my husband, whom I was able to “retire” from the construction business.

Does that sound too good to be true? Sometimes I think it is, but I know better. The Ambit Energy opportunity is very real, especially for women. It’s all about sharing and caring.

Think about it. In addition to the benefits I already mentioned– flexible schedule, unlimited income potential, no product deliveries or collections, and so on – this business plays to the strengths of women as networkers.

Women are natural networkers. We are constantly communicating, sharing, caring, nurturing, encouraging and mentoring. We help each other because we enjoy working that way. That’s what network marketing is all about.

Don’t get me wrong: women are competitive. We have to be. But you don’t have to be rude or fanatical about it. Being competitive isn’t all about bashing the competition, turf wars and primal screams. For me, it’s about keeping your wits and finding better ways to do things so you can build a better business.

When I first saw what great opportunity Ambit Energy was as a business for women I expected to find it teeming with women entrepreneurs. Guess what. I found men outnumbered women in leadership positions by about the same percentages as in any other business.

But hold on; there is one huge difference in network marketing. It doesn’t matter what men do, or what anyone else does. With Ambit Energy any woman can be successful working the way she wants to work. Let the men do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter! We each have our own businesses to run.

(Note: I have hundreds of men in my organization, and they do very well, too!)

Ambit Energy is the PERFECT business for women. We can succeed by doing what we do best – network and solve problems.

I don’t consider men my competition; I am my own competition. I just work to be the best I can be. When I do that I know I will be successful, regardless of what anyone else does.

I often develop collaborative business ventures with men and other women because this kind of cooperation helps all of us do more business.

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Ambit-ious Women – My Commitment to Empowering Women

After I got my Ambit Energy business growing I looked around me and saw the need to do something to help other women succeed in network marketing. That’s my passion, and it goes back to my early days of making my way in a man’s world.

I had a vision for a women’s conference to help other women already involved in Ambit Energy and to show those who knew nothing about it what a great opportunity we all have. Out of that vision came the Ambit-ious Women’s Conference, which I now host each year. When you have a natural business for women you have to do all you can to help them!

We bring in nationally-known women in business to speak. We also invite men, including Ambit Energy co-founders Chris Chambless and CEO Jere Thompson. Ambit-ious Women’s Conference is a two-day event designed to help women learn the secrets of running their own businesses and making them highly profitable. It’s networking about network marketing!

Empowering Women – My Commitment to You

I hope by now you understand why I whole-heartedly promote Ambit Energy as the best business for women. It allows us to use our strengths to help ourselves and others at the same time (and you can earn a LOT of money doing this).

If you have been thinking about starting your own business, let’s talk. I have done it and I can help you do it.

If you want true financial independence that will allow you to work where, when and with whom you want, let’s talk.

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Here’s my commitment to you: if you truly want to build a successful business that you can work from your home or an office, and if you will commit yourself to making the effort required to be successful, I will work with you tirelessly. I will help you achieve it with the best network marketing company you could ever imagine backing you up.

With me, you get an outstanding business opportunity and a mentor to help you be successful, all in one package. Ambit Energy is the best business for women I have ever seen, and I am the top woman income earner in the company.

I started at the very bottom, just as you will, so I know exactly how to go from there to the top. If I were starting all over today, knowing what I know now, I could cut YEARS off the time it took me to do it. That’s what I can do for you. Because of what I know and the resources at my disposal, I can help you get to the top in far less time than it took me (which wasn’t really all that long!).

I have helped many women (and men) build successful careers with Ambit Energy. In case you may be thinking you already missed out, I have great news: this is only the beginning. Ambit Energy is rated one of the top business opportunities in the USA, and we are growing every day. If you have ever even thought about network marketing, this is the company to be with.

You can do this business even if Ambit doesn’t offer electricity or gas in your state, and even if you live in a state that has not yet deregulated energy. If you can use a phone and a computer, you can get started in the best business for women right now.

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