Ambitious Women Network Marketing FAQ

Q.  What makes network marketing a better business for women than other types of businesses?

A.  Network marketing allows us to start a real business with an extremely small investment and grow it at our own pace. That means you can start out part-time if you wish, so you don’t have to change everything you’re doing, and go full-time with it later. A lot of people start out with Ambit full-time, however, because they see the tremendous opportunity for success. Consider these Ambit advantages:

  • Work from home or office
  • Flexible schedule
  • Wide-open market
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Offer something everyone uses
  • No products to demonstrate
  • No inventories to maintain
  • No deliveries to make
  • Recession-proof
  • Nothing to ship
  • Never a returned item
  • No money to collect
  • Incredible tax benefits

Q.  Is there really a difference between the way women and men operate? Does it matter?

A.  Women definitely communicate differently than men. Women talk more: we generally discuss problems, while men are focused on solving problems with little talk. Men approach selling situations as competitive endeavors, while women see them as collaborative. Women like to share stories; men want to get to the point fast. Women are better at engaging in dialogs, while men typically prefer to deliver a monolog. Believe this: These differences are important because they make women ideally suited for network marketing success! “Network” is a powerful word and a dramatic difference maker.

Q.  I can’t sell – how can I possibly make it as an Ambit Energy consultant?

A.  First, remember this is about building relationships, not giving your friends the bum’s rush. Besides, you probably are a better sales person than you realize. Think of selling as problem solving (and we know women do that all the time). With Ambit Energy we solve the problem of high energy bills, which frees up money in the family budget for other things. When you take that approach, people want to hear what you have to say. I have mastered the fundamentals of this business from bottom to top, and now I can show you how to get to my level of success in a lot less time than it took me.

Q.  Does Ambit have monthly sales or recruiting quotas?

A.  No, but there is a participation requirement you can meet easily – just maintain 20 active customers. When you do that you will receive commissions as long as your customers continue to pay their Ambit Energy bills. If you drop below 20 active customers you will need to sign up at least one consultant or customer every four months to keep Ambit consultant status active.

Q.  How do Ambit Energy consultants get paid?

A.  Ambit consultants have one of the best compensation plans of any network marketing company. Consultants are paid for enrolling new energy customers and helping consultants they enroll do likewise. The three forms of income are Immediate, Leadership and Residual.

  • Immediate Income – New Ambit consultants get Jump Start bonuses for enrolling new customers, and Team Builder bonuses for sponsoring other consultants.
  • Leadership Income – As you move up the ladder into leadership positions you receive Consultant Leadership bonuses (to unlimited levels) for bringing new marketing consultants enter your organization, and Customer Residual bonuses (to unlimited levels) for the active energy customers in your organizations.
  • Residual Income – Consultants receive Customer Residual Income through six levels when active customers in their organizations pay their gas or electric bills.

See all the Ambit Energy Compensation Plan details.

Q.  How can Ambit afford all the different levels of bonus payments to consultants?

A.  Energy companies that are not deregulated spend huge sums on advertising and marketing – work that Ambit Energy does face-to-face through its network of consultants. Because the consultants own their own network marketing businesses, they are responsible for their own marketing expenses. Ambit’s compensation plan was designed to reward consultants for superior performance, channeling money to consultant that would have gone into broadcast and print ads. Because of its size, Ambit has the buying power to negotiate low rates with energy suppliers and sell them at slightly higher rates. Everyone wins. From time to time you may see an Ambit ad, run to enhance brand awareness. Also, consultants pay a small amount to join Ambit, (about the price of a monthly car payment). Ambit keep those funds separate for distribution to the consultant network for signing up new people.

Q.  Does Ambit Energy provide health insurance to its consultants?

A.  Ambit consultants may purchase health insurance at discounted rates, even though they are not actual employees of the company (remember, you own your own business!). This applies in all states where Ambit does business, except New York.

Q.  Does Ambit belong to the Better Business Bureau?

A.  Yes.

Q.  I see complaints on the Internet that Ambit is a pyramid scheme – is this true?

A.  Emphatically not. Ambit’s direct sales (network marketing) business model places the emphasis on compensating the consultants who do the actual marketing and sales work in the field, not a corporate staff. Direct sales companies are entirely legal and highly efficient. In 2010 Inc. Magazine named Ambit Energy the fastest growing privately-held company in the United States, and the company receives constant attention from the news media. No company could withstand such public scrutiny if it were not entirely legitimate.

Q.  Will Ambit contract with me as a corporation or LLC, or must it be an individual contract?

A.  That is your choice. For tax and legal reasons, many Ambit consultants form corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs).

Q.  Is my Ambit business transferrable?

A.  Absolutely. With Ambit you build equity in a real business that is transferable. This is one reason many Ambit consultants form separate legal entities for their businesses.

Q.  Is Ambit strictly for residential customers, or does it serve commercial accounts, too?

A.  Ambit  now offers commercial electricity to commercial accounts in Texas and New York.  We will extend that to other states as the market develops.

Q.  Can Ambit consultants sign up customers in states other than their own state of residence?

A.  Yes. This is important! No matter where you live, you can sign up Ambit Energy customers in Ambit’s service area, and consultants in all states. Ambit currently offers service in Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Many Ambit consultants use the Internet to build their networks nationwide.

Q.  Does Ambit plan to expand into other states?

A.  Yes. The federal government does not regulate energy; the states do. About half the states in the USA are deregulated now. As Ambit expands into those states it is likely to be in the more densely populated ones first. This will mean even great growth potential for all Ambit consultants.

Please see the Ambit Energy Media Center Frequently Asked Questions for more information about energy deregulation and Ambit Energy.

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