MLM Marketing – Strong Recruits Make Strong Organizations

MLM Marketing — By Esther Spina

I’ve seen lots of MLM marketing articles about how to choose a company. I haven’t seen as much written about how to select the best people to help build your business. I can’t think of a more important decision you have to make.

Multi-level companies sometimes take a bad rap. That may partly be because the industry hasn’t done as good a job as it could explaining itself. But ultimately, I think it all can be traced back to recruiting.

The people we recruit define what MLM marketing is, and if we don’t have people who really understand it trying to explain it, no wonder the public gets a distorted picture. More importantly, without good people we won’t get the results we want.

Finding and Securing Good Recruits

Have you taken time to define who it is that you’re looking for and what characteristics they should have? Here are some of the things I consider.

1.   Character Matters – Start by looking for people of good character. Honest people; people who genuinely care about serving others and treating them right. Sometimes we over-sell the money-making opportunity in MLM marketing. The money comes if we work hard and treat people right. You must have solid people to build a solid organization.

2.   Passionate People Connect – As with character, passion trumps financial goals. I look for people who show they have a passion about the service I offer, people who “get it” and see immediately that it will help others. The first time I found out how good Ambit Energy was I knew instantly it would provide real value and I could enthusiastically recommend it to others. I look for people with that same passion for our service.

3.   Experience Counts – While it’s true a person doesn’t have to have previous business experience to be successful in MLM marketing, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Previous MLM experience isn’t necessary, but an appreciation for the amount of work involved building a successful business is a definite plus. Don’t overlook  experience in related fields helps. For example, if you have a healthcare product, personal trainers or nurses could be good prospects.

4.   Sales Experience Counts Big – Look for successful people at the top of their games – realtors, insurance professionals, mortgage brokers – people used to being paid based on results. If a person is successful in such a position, they already know about networking and getting referrals, and you will save yourself a lot of training time. Don’t make the mistake of recruiting unsuccessful salespeople, or those who need a job. Aim high.

5.   Don’t Oversell or Beg – If you have to work too hard to convince someone to join your team, you may be better off without her. Don’t compromise your integrity only to buy yourself a high-maintenance prima donna. In the process, do not over-promise or exaggerate the opportunity. If you have a truly great opportunity the kind of person you want will be able to see it.

The market for recruiting good MLM marketing people is stronger than ever. We think about the millions who have lost jobs during the current Great Recession, but that may not be the first place to look.

You may strike gold by prospecting among the people still in corporate jobs, but over-worked and under-paid because they are doing the work of two people.

Remember, your organization will only be as strong as the people you recruit to be part of it!

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Author: Esther Spina (2 Articles)

Esther Spina is one of America’s leading network marketing experts and a champion of women empowering women to achieve true financial freedom. She started at the bottom with Ambit Energy and soon became one of the big energy company’s top income producers by building a down-line organization that numbers in the 10s of thousands of men and women. As a platform speaker Esther brings a dynamic presence and “Yes, you can!” message to audiences eager to learn her secrets of success.

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