Rising Utility Rates Make Ambit Energy the Best Home Business

When utility rates rise most people get a sinking feeling.

Too many bills, not enough money.  How do you make up the difference?

Ambit Energy!

Link Your Income to a Commodity

Ambit can help you to turn high utility rates into high income rates with the best home business you can imagine. If you have ever considered getting into a direct marketing business, don’t do anything until you get the facts about Ambit.

With Ambit there are no products to sell at inflated prices, no inventories crowding your car out of the garage, no returned items – you don’t even collect any money from your clients!

That’s because Ambit offers electricity and natural gas, commodities that are habitually purchased, unconsciously consumed. As an Ambit consultant you develop a variety of income streams – Instant Bonuses for new energy customers, Leadership Bonuses for team-building and Customer Residual Income (CRI) when people pay their utility bills.

Customer Residual Income

That’s right! As Ambit clients pay their utility bills Ambit receive a percentage (up to 6 levels in the consultant’s direct marketing organization). This is possible because Ambit practically eliminates the expense of advertising to get new clients.

Think about it: people use natural gas and electricity every day to run their homes, and they pay every month at prevailing utility rates. You don’t have to remind them to do it. Can you think of anything that beats Ambit as the best home business you can start yourself?

How Well Does Ambit Rank as a Company?

When you consider a direct marketing opportunity it’s important to look at the company and the industry it is in.

  • The Utility Industry – The need for utilities is not going to go away. As the population grows, so does the need for electricity and natural gas. About half the states in the USA now have deregulated utility rates, and the number continues to grow. Ambit was an early entrant in the deregulated energy market and has established itself as a major player.
  • The Company – Co-founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless earned their stripes in the deregulated telecommunications industry in the 1980s and 1990s. Based on that experience they realized information technology would be the key to success and built an incredibly powerful IT platform to serve clients and consultants alike. Ambit signup takes about a minute online on your own website.
  • Financial Strength – Ambit has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2006. The company’s $1.6 million first year revenues are now dwarfed by more than $664 million in 2011. Inc. Magazine named Ambit “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Company and placed it #1 on the respected Inc. 500 list in 2009. In 2012 Ambit ranks #15 on the Direct Selling News “DSN Top 100” worldwide list of direct marketing companies of all industries.
  • Market Size – The US market for annual consumption of electricity and natural gas is measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Ambit currently has less than a 5% market share of energy sales in deregulated states, mainly because consumers are only now beginning to pay attention to rising utility rates. In other words, this is just getting started, and Ambit is firmly established as a market leader.
  • Competition – Consider: 1) what other companies are involved in direct marketing of energy, and, 2) what other types of companies compete for the same consumer dollars? As for direct competitors, Ambit is already second largest in the utilities direct selling industry and is growing fast. Regarding other competition for dollars, electricity and natural gas are among the last things people can eliminate when cutting expenses, even in the most difficult economic times.
  • Consumption Patterns – Utilities are habitually purchased and unconsciously consumed; utility rates do not determine whether people use them, just how much. Ambit Energy consultants don’t have to scramble to find dollars in a client’s budget to make room for their service. Instead, they help clients free up dollars by lowering their energy bills! Is this the best home business you’ve seen?
  • Legal Scrutiny – Deregulated energy is firmly established in more than half of the United States, and other states are working now to deregulate. The enabling legislation provides specifically for generation, transmission and distribution (Ambit’s role). Ambit’s direct marketing business model is the most efficient way to market energy services because it greatly reduces marketing costs.
  • Compensation – As discussed above, Ambit Energy’s compensation plan pays three ways – 1) Instant Bonuses, 2) Leadership Bonuses and 3) Customer Residual Income. It is a formula for building not just an additional income stream, but a path to real wealth.
  • Timing – Now is the time to get on board with Ambit! The market is expanding, and Ambit is already positioned as a clear leader. Ambit has the financial resources and information technology base to provide its consultants and clients superior service.

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Is Ambit for You?

Now that you have a good idea about Ambit’s solid standing, the question you have to answer is this: “Is Ambit for me?” If you have ever considered direct marketing you probably can appreciate these Ambit Energy advantages that make it our candidate for Best Home Business:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Offer something everyone uses
  • No products to demonstrate
  • No inventories to maintain
  • No deliveries to make
  • Recession-proof
  • Nothing to ship
  • Never a returned item
  • No money to collect
  • Wide-open market
  • Incredible tax benefits
  • Work from home or office

Most Ambit consultants begin part-time, either to earn some additional income or to see if this is a business they want to devote more time and effort to. Some go full-time from the start.

Either way, consider the marketing power of Ambit: You can turn the tables on rising utility rates and turn a cash problem into a cash payout for your clients (and for yourself) in time for next month’s electricity and natural gas bills.

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